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0 Qubool Hai Episode 154 - May 30, 2013

This episode is very interesting........

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 153 - May 29, 2013

In the May 29 Episode of Qubool Hai, Haseena visits Rashid's house and starts throwing tantrums. Nikhat politely abides by all her orders. Dadi catches a view of Rasiya and Haseena's plan to insult Nikhat on various occasions. She decides to teach the wicked duo a lesson.
Meanwhile, Zoya asks Tanveer about her company at the dinner table. She also presents the courier that she got from her company. Tanveer lies that her ex-business partner had started off on her own and was still using the earlier brandname. While Zoya is not convinced, Asad reprimands Zoya for doubting Tanveer's words. Zoya backs off for the moment but vows to expose Tanveer's true intentions to the family.

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 152 - May 28, 2013

In the May 28 Episode of Qubool Hai, Haseena continues to insult Nikhat on various occasions, but, Humaira pleasingly defends Haseena in Nikhat's favour. Zoya gets suspicious after she receives a courier from Tanveer's factory as, Tanveer earlier informed the family, about her factory to be burnt down in an accident. In order to learn about the functionality of the factory, Zoya orders a dress, from Tanveer's company website. Zoya however, misses to collect the delivery from the delivery guy whereas, Tanveer collects the parcel, hence, realising Zoya's suspicion towards her.

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 151 - May 27, 2013

In the May 27 Episode of Qubool Hai, Asad and Zoya gets clueless after they find Tanveer missing from her room. Zoya on the other hand, watches a stranger outside the house, covered in a black cloth. She tries to catch the stranger, but, the stranger manages to leave. The stranger happens to be Tanveer, who accidently drops an earning of hers during her scuffle with Zoya. Later, Asad and Zoya find Tanveer weeping in despair. On asking about her condition, Tanveer lie about the stranger to be her husband, who she mentions to be a maniac. Further, Asad gets nervous after Zoya reminds him about the thing he wanted to share with her.

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 150 - May 24, 2013

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In the May 24 Episode of Qubool Hai, Haseena arrives at Rashid's residence and creates an issue about Nikhat's dance video that was shot in Asad's sangeet celebration. She further complains about keeping Ayaan and Asad's relationship a secret from her. Ayaan however, bursts on Haseena for insulting his sister. Zoya receives a gift from Asad, with a letter that asks her to meet him. Nikhat requests Ayaan to calm his anger on certain instances. She further expresses her feelings for Imran, to Ayaan.Asad on the other hand, meets Zoya on their date and expresses his feelings for her.

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 149 - May 23, 2013

In the May 23 Episode of Qubool Hai, Zoya's Aapi and Asad indulge in a serious discussion considering Zoya. Aapi hence, asks Asad to have a calm discussion with Zoya and sought out their differences. Nikhat gets stunned watching her dance video on the internet. Her fiancé, Imraan also watches the similar video and appreciates her performance. He stays unaware of his mother's presence in the premises. Tanveer fumes in anger outside her room, without wearing her lens considering Asad and Zoya's affection. In order to prevent herself from Zoya, who appears later, Tanveer splashes a fistful of sand on Zoya's face.

0 Qubool hai - Episode 148 , May 22

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In the May 22 Episode of Qubool Hai, Asad argues with Zoya for her carelessness in handing him a cloth sheet, to cover Tanveer while she was getting burnt. Rasiya pretends her condition to be deteriorating. She hence, asks Ayaan and Humaira to get married in her presence. Ayaan gently refuses for the same. Tanveer join hands with the doctor at the hospital. The doctor hides about her wellbeing and pregnancy from the family. Asad asks Tanveer about the person who harmed her. Tanveer however, maintains her silence. Asad considers the situation to be absurd. He hence, tells Zoya to maintain distance with Tanveer.

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 147 - May 21, 2013

In the May 21 Episode of Qubool Hai, Asad tries to express his feelings for Zoya. Rasiya organizes a feast at her residence. On asking she informs the celebration to be with regards to Ayaan and Humaira's wedding. Rashid gets furious and asks for evidence to Rasiya suitable to her claim. Rasiya shows the papers, but gets shocked after realising the real papers to go missing. Tanveer gets herself burnt and pleads Asad for help. Zoya gets stunned watching Asad's concern for Tanveer.

0 Qubool Hai - Episode 146 - May 20, 2013

In the May 20 Episode of Qubool Hai, Asad tries to express his feelings to Zoya. Zoya on the other hand, considers his attempt, to be his refusal to marry her. However, she leaves the premises at once. Purvi and Dr Onir (Pavitra Rishta) decides to make a visit to Bhopal to attend Zoya and Asad's wedding. Purvi also informs him about her motive to meet a faith healer at Bhopal. Dilshad tells Asad to express his feelings to Zoya at the Sangeet ceremony. The Asthana family (Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan) also make a visit to Bhopal to attend the same occasion. Tanveer on the other hand, plot yet another strategy that could cause Zoya, her life. Dr Neil (Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan) and Arjun (Pavitra Rishta) help Asad to express his feelings to Zoya. They suggest Asad to express his feelings for Zoya, through a written note. Dr Neil decides to act as a messenger to Asad's proposal but, he ends up meeting his old friend Nandini. Dr Onir witnesses Kinshuk and Shalini's conversation that has them, discussing about revealing Dr Onir's truth to Purvi. Ammaji (Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan) on the other hand, realises Tanveer's jealousy towards Zoya. She further helps Tanveer, by giving her a matchstick and candle to burn the rope that is connected to a ceiling showpiece. Tanveer willingly follows Ammaji advice. Purvi catches a glimpse of the burning rope. The rope burns and it falls over Zoya, but, Purvi and Nandini manages to save her.

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0 Pavitra Rishta : Episode 1016 - April 8, 2013

In the April 8 Episode of Pavitra Rishta, Sulochana and Manav witnesses Soham and Balan's quarrel from their car. Purvi allots the bunch of property transfer papers to Poornima after tearing them off. She further decides with Onir to reveal the truth of her relationship with Pari to the family. Manav and Sachin enquire about Soham's bail and get stunned after learning about Archana who bailed for Soham. The doctor at the hospital informs about Archana signing the bail papers during her enrolment in the hospital.

0 Qubool Hai : Episode 117 - April 9, 2013

In the April 9 Episode of Qubool Hai, Zoya and Asad stay disturbed by thinking of Zoya's leave the next day to Newyork. Rasiya doubts Tanveer of having a motive, of making a permanent stay at Asad's house. Dadi harms Rasiya by punishing her for Rasiya's ploy of getting Ayaan and Humaira married. Najma handover a video disc to Zoya that has Najma, Dilshad and Asad's expressing their feelings for her. Zoya misses to hear the last part of the CD that has Asad expressing his feelings for her. Tanveer makes use of the situation and destroys the CD.

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0 Qubool Hai - April 8, Episode 116

In this episode Ayan accepts to marry with Humaira. Asad comes to know that Zoya did not want to go back to U.S. He goes to her. In the meantime Tanveer showed the ticket to Zoya. At this she thanked to Asad. But she was disheartened. Keep watching............

0 Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke - April 8, Episode 234

In this episode, Aakash Ji(Gunjan's father) comes to take Gunjan to Australia. He does not know anything about Mayank, Seema and Mayank's father. All of them are in jail. He comes to know about it. Keep watching............

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0 Qabool Hai - 2013, Episode 115

In this episode Asad gave an appointment letter to Zoya so that she may extend the time limit of het visa. But tanveer do not want that. Zoya cancelled her ticket and tanu told asad that zoya wants to go earliar. Continue watching the episode

0 Pavitra Rishta - April 5, Episode 1015

A tampo injured sulochana aai and soham scolded the driver for doing that. He sees that his grand mother will not be able to hold enough weight. So, he took her house.
Purvi got her Aji's signature on the papers of her house.

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0 Pavitra Rishta - April 4, Episode 1014

In this episode of Pavitra Rishta, Purvi tells Arjun about the deal which was fixed between her and Punni. Arjun forbades her to 

0 Qubool Hai - April 4, Episode 114

In this episode, Ayan heard that he was just a slave for Razia and becomes angry.
Zoya is going back to U.S. and Asad gives her a letter so that visa limit may be extended. Zoya decides not to go back at once. She told that to Tanveer. Keep watching for see what happens in the next episode.

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0 Pavitra Rishta - April 3, Episode 1013

It is very interesting episode. Keep watching................

0 Qubool Hai - April 3, Episode 113

In this episode of Qubool hai, Zoya decides to go back.
Razia becomes very happy. She bribes to get this done. Zoya's father is alive. Asad got the wrong information about her father. So he told Zoya what was said to him. He also do not know that her father is alive. Zoya is very sad and weeping continuously. At this Asad becomes sad. All the family members of Asad's family give her sympathy. Keep watching...............

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